Know the history of Valentine and rejoice the festival of love

This Valentine’s day, let us look back at the history of the day that symbolizes love. Valentine’s day has come from a Christian and Roman tradition. While there are several legends that portrays the celebration of modern love, let us look at some common ones that have captured the eyes of the historians.

The priest of….Love

Well as ironic as it might sound, In ancient Rome there were accounts of Priests named St. Valentine who was martyred since they were helping young unmarried lovers get into holy matrimony. It was believed in the Ancient Roman empire that soldiers who were unmarried were more patriotic and were able to perform better during wartime. And while being executed, A priest wrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” and it stuck around for centuries altogether.
While another legend believes that Valentine’s day is celebrated due to the death of Valentine in mid-February.

How Valentine’s day became mainstream?  

During 14th Century, Geoffrey Chaucer, an english poet and his circle became the pioneers in celebrating it since the process of love in courts were encouraged. It soon progressed into exchanging candies, greeting cards and flowers. The Valentine’s day greetings are denoted by the heart symbol that symbolizes what love stands for. A feeling or an emotion that overrides logical thinking and believes in things being ideal.
Whatever the history be, Valentine’s day has indeed brought out the best of what we as a humanity stand for. To express our feelings, To stand for something greater than ourselves, We have indeed come far.
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