Cloud and device based AR solutions

As the globe moves to cloud services, we will help you integrate your app with cloud seamlessly. Just provide us with the code and we will inculcate AR functionality into it and make it function in either your device or in cloud as per your requisites. Accounting for discrepancies in usage, we will help you provide a polished experience for your users by taking advantage of the omnipresent cloud.

Developing Power-packed AR Solutions for Cloud and Device

Do you have an existing App which needs AR functionality? Once you share the source code, we will integrate AR functionality in your App tuned to your requirements. Is your App size too large and you need to move it to cloud? Sure, we can do this…this is our forte. We have a team of highly proficient professionals who will always have a pulse on your needs and offer cloud & device based AR solutions as per your needs. Be it moving an existing app to AWS or cloud based crisis management, we will acclimatize to offer you top-notch services. Drop us a message and let us talk about your needs. We are here to create value for your team and are upfront on what we are doing.

Why integrate AR into your app?

Augmented Reality is known to engage your customers and create an enriching customer experience besides offering a unique selling proposition for your company. Be it Marker type, Markerless or Beacon type Augmented Reality, our team of developers have a history of delivering projects based on the tailored needs of the clients. Don’t know where to start? We are happy to give you a presentation on what type of AR your business needs based on the industry and the niche you are in. Our pundits are terrific with a gamut of technologies like Vuforia SDK, Kudan SDK, AWS S3 Bucket Integration and Web based CMS development. Our team also has expertise in offering our clients device based AR which works offline. We are here to make your requirements a reality by integrating your wants with our proficiencies to provide the best cloud and device based AR solutions and create a product that looks magical.

The Dream Team

We are a team of proficient Mobile app developers and R&D experts who have abundant experience in handling a motley range of projects involving Augmented Reality. We predict the challenges and find possible cloud and device based AR solutions as you scale your app to cater to a wider audience. Our team consists of people who are highly creative and unique in what they do.

Drop in a message here

Chat with us to see how we can help you execute your objectives. We are straightforward, transparent and easy to deal with. We would love to create value for your team. Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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