Beacon integration & Geo-Fencing

Augmented Reality has evolved and is now used in myriad ways to attract customers and offer a personalized experience for users. Be it for a drone no-fly zone or for establishing a fence around a commercial zone, we can help you implement Geo-fencing for your establishment. We also offer Beacon integration for Museums and Educational institutes to offer a learning experience that people would cherish forever.

Why Do You Need Location Based Solutions?

You can offer true value and personalized experiences to your customers by harnessing the power of location-based solutions like Beacon and Geo-fencing. Beacons and Geo-fences assist you in collecting accurate data for proper analysis, keep your customers engaged and to attract their attention with tailor made offers.

Implementing Quality, Value and Unique Solutions

We are candid in dealing with our clients. You tell us your needs and we coordinate to offer Beacon integration and Geo-fencing solutions that are best suited to you. We have copious amount of experience in deploying Augmented Reality and location-based solutions to myriad of clients. Be it for a museum or for an educational institute, we will help you install beacons with Bluetooth enabled devices in strategic locations to create a holistic environment. We are also adept in geo-fencing and can deploy it in a medley of places like shopping complexes or an exhibition. With proliferation in location based marketing, Beacon integration and Geo-fencing can help you create a user experience that the customer will cherish for a long time. Our team of developers is just a click away. Drop us a message and we will talk about your requirements to make them a reality.

Say Hello to Us

We would love to hear from you. We are upfront at what we do here and we believe the most important thing in dealing with clients is communication. Just drop a message about your specifications and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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