Augmented Reality Case Study for Industrial Sector

Educational trainin Solutions

Educational trainin Solutions

The client is a leading telecom company that enables infrastructure for fast wireless and fixed broadband access. As part of this, the client has a manufacturing plant that manufactures devices for transmitting the signals faster and better. Every year, a large number of employees join this company as assembly line workers. Training them and supervising their work is time-consuming and requires additional trainers.

SMACAR Solutions developed an Augmented Reality (AR) based solution for the client to assist their assembly line workers in assembling the parts of a circuit board for a transmitter device. This solution utilizes the power of AR, Machine learning and Deep Learning in helping the assembly-line workers to get trained on the assembly process and also assist them during the assembling of the components.

If a worker assembles the parts in an incorrect order, the scanner in the assembly area warns the worker through an AR display on where the worker has gone wrong. The real-time data right in front of the assembly-line worker helps them to perform better resulting in a smoother work-flow. The AR Solution helps the client to train large number of new joiners every year more effectively and in a convenient manner. As a result, training the new recruits has become less time-consuming & doesn’t require the presence of physical trainers at all times.

By combining the power of AR, Machine learning and Deep Learning, we helped our client by providing a means to give upfront training, support and making data available immediately to their employees resulting in a faster execution rate, fewer errors and less damage while execution, in short, the goal to achieve higher efficiency.

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