Augmented Reality Case Study for Book Publishing Industry

The Client

The client is one of the leading academic publishers based out of Mumbai. With the aim to provide accurate, authentic and skillful knowledge to students, they have published academic books across subjects and for every grade with utmost care and enthusiasm.


The Client Requirement

The client was looking for ways to reach out to all types of readers who are more inclined towards consuming digital content. In order to keep pace with the evolving digital world and provide the readers with a truly engaging and unique experience, the client wanted an app for their business. They wanted this app to serve as a digital platform which the readers can use to access their books and enjoy interactive and immersive reading experiences.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

SMACAR Solutions developed an app integrated with augmented reality and QR code scanner that meets the requirements of the client. Using augmented reality, SMACAR Solutions have enhanced the reading experience of the students by allowing them to view auxiliary and relevant information related to a topic in the form of 3D animations or videos. The QR code scanner allows the students to view the PDF format of the academic books. The students can download the app and create an account for themselves within the app. This helps to provide them with access to digital content relevant to their grades.

The Result

Through the app, the client can provide fascinating experience to the readers on mobile devices and take the printed images on the book to the next level by bringing them to life. The app helps to significantly support students to improve their learning experience and performance by providing interactive digital learning experiences.

Watch our AR Demo for Different Verticals



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